We Offer A Spectrum Of Oral Health Care Service.
A build up of plaque on teeth commonly causes gum (or periodontal) disease, which is the deterioration of the tissues and bones in the mouth.

Undergoing many progressions in a few short years, 2010 saw the business expand to include orthodontics and in 2013, a general medical practitioner joined the team. In 2014, no.8 Clinic Shannon St opened a high-tech dental lab on site and the team expanded again to include a new associate dentist.

We're Committed to offering the most pleasant patient experience

At no.8 Clinic Shannon St we offer a spectrum of oral health care services to help prevent and manage oral disease, and our hygienist services work in conjunction with each patient’s overall dental requirements. Committed to offering the most pleasant patient experience, our dental hygienist Sonya provides gentle and careful hygienist treatments including scale and polish, root planing and periodontal work.

The no.8 Clinic Shannon St dental hygienist starts at 8.30am. Appointments are every half hour and are available through lunchtime. The last appointment is at 5.30pm.

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