Child & Adolescent Orthodontics

Children and adolescents with crowding or crooked teeth, misaligned jaws or overbites may suffer from toothache or discomfort or may feel embarrassed socially. Untreated orthodontic problems may also result in tooth or gum disease that can be costly or damaging in the long-term.

Our no.8 Clinic Shannon St orthodontic solutions work by carefully pressurising the jaws and teeth so they gently move into the required position. Much less noticeable and uncomfortable than traditional, darkly-coloured “train track” braces or headgear, our array of modern options includes interceptive orthodontics for crowding, fixed braces, functional appliances and removable appliances.

Made from a combination of durable, flexible and lightweight materials, our subtle children and adolescent orthodontic solutions can be transparent or tooth-coloured.

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Twin Block Functional Appliance: This is used to reduce the prominence of upper front teeth and to improve the alignment of the jaws.

Fixed Appliances