Adult Orthodontics

As well as eroding personal confidence, irregular teeth or misaligned jaws can also eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Adult braces are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people in later life are willing to invest in the perfect smile.

In the past, braces were notoriously cumbersome and painful. Working with greater speed and effectiveness, braces have thankfully become much more comfortable and discreet over the last number of years.

At no.8 Clinic Shannon St, we offer a range of modern and lightweight orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry treatments so you can have beautiful, straight teeth. Our fixed appliances include one arch, two arches and clear and metal braces.

We also offer the gentle, safe and high-tech 6 Month Braces treatment. Concentrating only on your most visible teeth, the subtle, tooth-coloured brackets and wires braces minimise gaps and straighten the problem teeth with ease within just six months.

Additionally, discreet clear aligners are available at no.8 Clinic Shannon St.

Helping you the adult braces that are best for you, we also offer free consultations and convenient 0% finance payment plans. Find out more today.

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Fixed Appliances Clear

Clear Positioner