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We provide the most personalised cutting-edge dental and cosmetic care available on the market today.

Personalised Cutting-Edge Dental and Cosmetic Care

We strive for patient satisfaction in the delivery of our vast range of evidence-based treatments. Carefully listening to individual requirements, the no.8 Clinic Shannon St team is warm, friendly and sensitive. Getting to know each patient personally, our small but expert team is focused on building discreet and trusted relationships with our clients.

Our Ethos

Identifying the need for a modern, high-quality and affordable high-street dental and cosmetic practice in Limerick and the surrounding areas, no.8 Clinic Shannon St was founded in 2007.

Our Team

Dentists focusing on cosmetics and orthodontics, no.8 Clinic Shannon St founders Rita O’Dowd and Audrey Hickey have a combined industry experience of 42 years. Call us today to discuss your next treatment.

Child & Adolescent Braces

Children and adolescents with crowding or crooked teeth, misaligned jaws or overbites may suffer from toothache or discomfort or may feel embarrassed socially.

Family Dentistry

When we consume sweet foods or beverages, the permanent bacteria (or plaque) that live in our mouths produce an acidic substance.


Undergoing a traditional facelift can be traumatic, painful and expensive, and injectable wrinkle fillers are a much more economical and less daunting alternative for achieving a more youthful appearance.

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