We Offer Safe And Discreet Anti-Wrinkle Treatments. As we get older, our skin gradually loses its suppleness, smoothness and elasticity.

This can be exacerbated by lifestyle factors like stress, illness, diet, weight loss or gain, alcohol or smoking. As a counteractive measure, anti-wrinkle treatments are used to temporarily combat facial lines, wrinkles and creases. Ever-increasing in popularity, they work exceptionally well on ageing skin on the forehead (frown lines) and eyes (crow’s feet).

smoothes and softens the Skin

Administered through fine-needle injections, anti-wrinkle treatments relax the muscles under lines, wrinkles and creases, preventing them from contracting. This quickly smoothes and softens the injected area, and, as the treated muscles are undergoing less strain and movement, lines, wrinkles and creases may also appear less pronounced over time. Anti-wrinkle treatments are very quickly administered and cause minimal discomfort, and injections last for up to six months.

We offer safe and discreet anti-wrinkle treatments at no.8 Clinic Shannon St. Please call us today to book your appointment.