We accept Medical Cards for our Dentist Treatments in Limerick.

Here at No.8 Clinic Shannon Treat, we accept Medical Cards towards our dental Treatments. Get in touch with us on 061 490 710 or email us info@no8clinic.ie

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical card holders are entitled to a free dental examination in each calendar year, as well as any extractions that are required. One first-stage endodontic (root canal) treatment is also available each year for teeth at the front of the mouth. Two fillings are free in each calendar year.

Is orthodontist covered by medical card?
Are braces covered by medical card? Braces are not covered by medical cards, however you may seek advice from your local HSE dentist who will advise you if you qualify for orthodontic treatment by the HSE. The criteria for approval is a very large overjet, which is a large discrepancy between the upper and lower jaw.

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